Defined by their closed lacing, the term oxford shoe covers a wide range of different styles. No matter which pair you gravitate towards owning, assembling a range of oxford shoes enables you to easily dress for the situation, whether it be casual or formal. We have narrowed down the list to a trinity. With just 3 pairs of shoes, you’ll have options and a great foundation from which you can build upon your wardrobe further.

1. Black Cap Toe

It wouldn’t be a legitimate list if we didn’t put a pair of black shoes. The most formal shoe on this list, the classic black cap toe, is easily the first shoe every man should own. I wear these shoes everywhere…work, weddings, even a night on the town. They’re a workhorse when it comes to dressing formally. The great thing about well-made oxford shoes is that their style is eternal.

2. Medium Brown Wingtip

Next, the most common shoe on this list, the wingtip. This one is undoubtedly the style that the average man will gravitate towards when they are looking to buy a dress shoe in a store. Not every man’s wardrobe consists of only wearing suits. It’s a great investment to have a pair of shoes that looks just as good off the clock as on.

3. Oxblood Cap Toe

The color oxblood is a versatile and luxurious color that fits in with 90% of all men’s clothing. It’s the type of shoe that can break up the monotony of wearing just brown and black. Whatever style oxford shoe you prefer, oxblood’s rich look leather is a great investment, especially around fall when you’re reaching for heavy grey flannels and chunky tweed jackets.

Adding another cap toe to this list because sometimes less is more. With so many style options available in the market, oxblood should be on your list if you’re looking for a shoe that punches above its weight.

What do you think about the list? Would you suggest 3 different shoes for your trinity?